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Connect, Nourish, Empower


Hi I'm CJ.  I'm a wife and mum of 4 with salt water in my veins. I am blessed with the ability to teach yoga and have created Moksha as a space where people from all walks of life, all shapes and ages can experience a yoga class that uplifts them, allows them to connect not only to themselves but to those who they share their life with.

Moksha Yoga is a boutique studio right here in the heart of Papamoa Beach. The maximum number of participants in each class is 15 so you get a yoga experience tailored to your personal needs.



What some of my customers say.......

"On a cold dark night, big magic happens. We surrender to the power of yoga and as if by magic - the stress and tension melts away...
This is my mid-week escape. A sacred Wednesday night to re-connect and recharge.
What is really interesting for me is that this is the most challenging form of yoga I have ever done. I've been an Ashtanga convert for years - loving the physical and mental challenge, the sweat and the incredible workout. But this.... CJ's fusion style at Moksha, drawing from years of experience with many forms of yoga is what challenges me the most. I don't get as sore, I don't get as sweaty and it's not the same 'workout'. Its slower, its personal, its a small connected group. I can't hide behind a good workout. I have to be present, I have to slow down and I have to connect - both with the group around me as well as myself. Hasn't that taught me a lot!"

"Twice a week I have an insane opportunity to find more FLOW in my life. CJ is not your average yoga instructor. In fact she transparently tells us we do CJ-Fusion. Yes we do yoga but the energy, guided visualisations and totally supportive and non-judgmental environment that she provides for us is off the planet, limb tingling, amazing. I started out doing yoga for my body and NOW I do it for my soul. Namaste my teacher"