Yoga is not something you do, it is something you are..

I remember years ago when I had just started teaching yoga that a very reputable teacher with a massive following put out the bold statement that if you didn't have a daily Asana practice you would never be a good teacher. Ouch! That hit me hard as with four young kids there wasn't alot of time for me to take myself off and practice yoga daily. There was a lot of good advice around getting up an hour earlier than the kids to practice but the reality was that with kids that were waking up all night there was no way in hell I was going to rip myself off by giving up that precious hour of sleep!

And so with that statement firmly in my brain I spend quite a long time doubting my ability to be a 'true yogi" or a "good teacher" without a daily asana practice. I would be in such a stew about how to fit more yoga into my days and the guilt each night as I flopped into bed was so bad. I would watch instagram yogis showing their stuff on the socials but none of them seemed to have the same family and life commitments that I did which made them so unrelatable.

Fast forward a few years and I'm a much wiser yogi these days and I know now that yoga isn't something we do... it is something we are. And that is how I share my yoga both on the mat and off.

It is good to have a regular practice of asana or movement because that keeps me fit, strong and limber but for sure it is more important to be self aware, kind and connected in all that I am.

Anyone can have a muscly body but if they aren't a nice person then what's the point?

So if you are thinking you want to "do" yoga, just remember its more than cutting shapes on the mat and as I love to say to my clients "it's quality over quantity" so when you do roll out your mat, enjoy every minute of it and take from it all that Yoga embodies.

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