Why we need to parent ourselves

Remember when you were a kid and you were told when to go to bed, reminded to brush your teeth and made to eat your veges.

Life was pretty simple not having to think about how to take care of ourselves when we had an adult holding the reins.

Fast forward to being the adult and it's really easy to slip into bad habits when trying to juggle kids, career, running a household and all the other responsibilities and duties that fall on grown-up shoulders.

It's faster and easier to reach for the convenient food rather than the healthy option.

To put exercise on the back burner because you are too busy.

To feel like you are drowning under the weight of all the unfinished tasks and projects.

It is human nature that when things get tough we can default to what we perceive to be necessary for survival.

Burning the midnight oil to get that project finished, sacrificing sleep to get one step ahead of the next day. Choosing processed food and too much coffee out of convenience. You get the gist...

How many times you've reached for that glass of wine or beer without even thinking about whether you actually feel like it.

Did you pause to consider why you were going for the booze? Was it stress or overwhelm making you reach for it automatically.

For years I'd automatically pour a glass of wine around 5 o'clock, Dallas would still be working late, I'd be home hustling kids in the "witching hour" I was lonely and overwhelmed and so out would come the wine.

One day I poured my glass and then paused, I looked at it and asked myself did I even feel like it? The answer was no! I didn't fancy the taste right then and I actually didn't want it. So I tipped the wine back in the bottle for another day (waste not want not) and that was the turning point for me.

Now if I do have a drink it's because I'm in good company or celebrating something. I set myself a rule not to drink on my own and I stick to that intention.

Recognising what we are using as a crutch to help us "get through" in comparison to taking another, better option is key to becoming the person you wish to be. Next time you find yourself reaching for a "crutch, can you take a moment to consider your motivation and ask youself "does this serve me well?"

When you start taking care of yourself, you start feeling better, you start looking better and you start to attract better, it all starts with you.

This is where the concept of Self Parenting comes in. The idea that you start to look after youself, as well as you would look after a child in your care. Making sure they get fresh air, sleep, exercise, good food and plenty of water intake each day.

Sounds simple but often the best of intentions get pushed aside by life.

So here's a tip on how to make sure you do the right thing by yourself each day;

Each night write 3 things down that you are going to commit to do the following day, it could be as simple as drinking more water, taking time to go for a walk, doing some yoga or getting more sleep.

Don't forget too, that to thrive as a human being you need to take care of your soul as much as your physical body.

So perhaps on your list is to catch up with someone who's company you really enjoy, read a book that is uplifting or listen to a podcast that is inspiring.

As this practice becomes more comfortable you will find that you add other things onto your daily list which fill your cup even more giving yourself permission to grow, to thrive and lead a healthy and fullfilled life.

If you want to really make good change, how about you come join me in the Thrive Tribe, the online yoga and meditation membership.

Not only will you give your body a chance to get stronger and more limber but we also work on our minds and our souls to be strong and healthy in all aspects of ourselves https://mokshayoga.mykajabi.com/thrive-tribe

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