Small steps lead to great change

How often do you think of something you should be doing that is good for you and then you tell yourself that you'll start tomorrow, or just have one more... I hear ya! I'm the queen of knowing what is good for me and then procrastinating about actually implem

enting the goodness! Over the years I've learnt a few lessons and the first big one for me is that small actions have the biggest results. Rather than trying to take on a full life makeover in the form of an exercise program, or a diet I know I'll be more successful if I make small changes.

This is where my yoga practice really comes into its own, whenever I feel unfit, unwell or on the wrong path I can use the skills I've learnt on the mat to tap into what my intuition is telling me I need to do. We are so bombarded with all this advice about what is best for us but the truth is we know ourselves exactly what we need to do and it is usually so simple. Rather than doing something radical it could be as simple as running a bath and getting into bed early, maybe you need to move your body more, or stop having that teaspoon of sugar in your tea. Small steps for great change. So take a moment as you read this, breathe in nice and deeply, open your mouth and breathe out and then just sit, ask yourself the question "what do I need to do for myself" and the answer will be right there and I can guarantee it won't include following a fad diet or pounding your body with exercise. I can't wait to hear what comes up for you.

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