My Journey back to my true purpose

Often we spend our days on automatic pilot. Working, household, kids, fitness and then press repeat. There isn't much time to think about how we want to live, we just do it. Sure you may have a moment where you see a movie scene or something online or in a magazine and you wonder what it would be like to live that way. To be so "lucky" to own that house, live in that place, drive that car.... But there isn't time to make any change, we are too busy to even think about it let alone implement anything.

Suddenly out of the blue the universe gives us a gift, the gift of time. Yes it came in an unattractive package that is Covid-19 but still it is a gift. An enforced moment of slowing down. As I prepare to leave Level 3 rather than berrating the fact that I didn't learn the guitar or a new language and instead I ate my way through Lockdown and grew only in body size, the realisation hits me that here is an opportunity to work out what my new "normal" will look like and then just make it happen.

For the past few years I have felt a strong drive to grow my Yoga business, to reach as many people as possible on a weekly basis through face to face classes. I know my purpose with Moksha is to bring yoga to the everyday person, the ordinary person. My first hand experience of my own practice has shown me how crucial yoga is to all round good health, mind, body and soul so I set up classes based around bringing yoga to everyone, no Om's, no bells (okay sometimes a little "ting") but down to earth, relatable and really user friendly yoga. The more people I can reach and teach, the brighter this world of ours becomes as each student then takes their new found sense of calm, contentment and steadiness to their families and friends and so the practice spreads to many.

During Lock Down we have been prevented from personal contact, there was a moment where I thought "perhaps I'll just shut up shop and that will be that". But my calling is too strong and so online I have gone, now instead of sharing a class with just a few I have the ability to share it with many. There has been time to think about what I enjoy sharing and the best way to deliver it. Moksha means to Liberate, finally after all these years I'm walking the walk instead of just talking about aligning yourself to your true life purpose I'm doing it. Still teaching yoga but in such a way that it allows me to focus on being a mum, supporting Dallas and enjoying the small precious moments.

Yes its daunting and scary to move from what was a success business to something new but it is working! An online community is being built. The message that yoga needs to be part of everyday life is starting to go into many more homes and families. My soul sings when I see my family thrive with having me more present, my clients thrive with being able to practice anywhere and anytime and most importantly I am aligned, I am living the life I desire.

As a teacher we have to experience something to learn our own lessons before sharing with others. Stepping out of the ordinary is never comfortable, a beautiful Moksha Yogi said to me " It takes us into 'The Learning pit' A really uncomfortable place to be , but once we emerge into new learning and understanding it feels AMAZING. " So my darling Reader, I ask you to look deep into your own soul, feel, sense and hear what your message to yourself is around how you want to live. Really get sure of what it is you want (start as small as you like) and then step by step start to move towards your new normal, your new alignment where everything flows easily.