Let go of stress

I've just come off Retreat, guiding a group of amazing women through a weekend of self care and I feel amazing!

However the build up to going into Retreat is always interesting. Because I care so much I'm always nervous, stressing that I've done all I need to do with logistics such as food, beds etc. Worrying that they won't enjoy it, worrying about the timetable. All the little details start to really play on my mind. I could feel stress building in my body and it was starting to show in the little moments of snapping at the family, not sleeping well.

So the day before Retreat I decided I needed to let go of the stress, I'm not a great crier these days - I used to be but lately I seem more stolic and able to hold it in more and more.

Knowing that what I needed to release my worries was a good cry I sat myself down and I put on some very beautiful, sad, emotive music. Next minute down came the tears and I let them roll. After a minute or two I could feel myself settle and so I took 3 deep breaths and blew my nose (love a good blow!)

Immediately I felt so much better like a weight had come off and I knew that I was back to myself again. It made me realise that so many of us just keep on going, keep bottling up the emotions and unfortunately that then tends to lead to a big blow up!

We have to be able to stop and release every so often - if you find it hard to have a cry watch or listen to something that brings the tears on and then let them flow. Have a good blow afterwards and then in true yogi styles leave that moment behind and move forward feeling light of heart and mind.

By the way Retreat went so well, there were a few tears at various points and everyone left feeling so good and happy!