How to get back to feeling excited about your life..

Like most adults my life can sometimes feel a bit “groundhog day” (you know that movie where the guy wakes up and every day is a replay of the day before).

When I feel like this I have an overpowering desire to shake things up - like really shake things up. Put the house on the market, pack up the whanau, move to the country, grow flowers and bees…..

You get the gist.

When this feeling overtakes me I start putting houses on the trade me watchlist, which the gorgeous Dallas then sees…. he’ll gently remind me that I love our house (I truly do), and that I would fade away not being close to the ocean and my friends (all so true) and with these wise words I come back to earth and my reality.

These knee jerk reactions are my way of trying to make things “different” and to feel challenged in my day to day life but if I really think about it - it all comes back to wanting to feel excited about life again, something many of you will relate to I’m sure.

What I’ve also come to realise is that it’s not a grand gesture I need to make. I don’t need to uproot my whole family (and my whole life) and in fact my dream of a bush house by the sea isn’t theirs right now anyway but will be something that happens one day in the future when the time is right!

So when the mood strikes to shake things up, how do I move forward when I get into this restless stage? Well the answer is remembering the time I used to wake up full of anticipation for the day ahead and recreating that feeling…

When I was a kid, as soon as I started to wake in the morning, before I even opened my eyes, I would lie in bed and think about what was going to happen that day.

Now here is where I tell you I grew up in Dannevirke in the 70’s and 80’s and for the most part there wasn’t much excitement going on. I had a loving family and that was the sum of it - the big event would have been going to see one of the Nana’s or maybe going “up town” on a Friday night!

My childhood was full of long days of just being… hanging out at home or going off to play in the surrounding environment. But every single day I woke up feeling excited about what the day would bring. Sometimes, even now many years later, certain sounds or smells will take me back to my childhood and I’ll remember being full of anticipation that something good was going to happen.

For example, at one stage of my life (I would have been about 14) I would strap on my velvet roller skates, take the boombox out to the driveway and skate round and round the driveway to the sounds of Pseudo Echo - believing wholeheartedly that a talent scout was going to be driving past on their way down to the Dannevirke Domain and they would spot me and offer me some sort of fabulous role being a roller skating queen!

Every time a car came down the street I’d press rewind on the tape deck, start my favourite song again and throw my shoulders back ready to do my best tricks! How awesome is that?

Needless to say that I didn’t get spotted by a talent scout, but every day for a few months that was my reality and I would wake up excited by the idea that today was the day I was going to be “spotted!”.

So back to the present… Lately I could feel myself starting to lose that excitement of waking up each day with something to look forward to, something out of the ordinary.

And yip I did look on trade me for lifestyle blocks😆 (old habits die hard) but instead of trying to run from what feels like a daily grind I decided to find the joy and excitement of having something to look forward to again each morning.

It begins with figuring out what makes your soul sing… an easy one for me is checking the surf report the night before and making sure I’ve carved out a block of time that gives me a chance to surf - preferably with a good mate or two. I wake up that morning and the first thing I think is “yes there are waves today yee ha!!

But it doesn’t have to be something quite so dynamic - it can be as easy as setting an intention to look after myself. Whether it’s committing to going for a good long walk or rolling out the yoga mat.

For sure it’s not as exciting as thinking I'm getting spotted by a talent scout but at the same time, the idea of knowing I’m going to do something good for me is enough for me to get excited about the day. As I start to wake up that morning I run through the day in my head and knowing that I’ve set an intention to do something to make me fit and strong is enough to feel enthusiastic and excited about what is ahead. It all comes down to filling your cup - such a cliche but so true.

If you are finding the daily grind of adulthood is starting to get you down, take yourself back to the beginning - remember how it felt to start the day with that sense of anticipation and start to recreate that again. Make a plan to do something nice each day for yourself (remember it doesn’t have to be a biggy) and then as you come to full consciousness allow that plan to slide into your thoughts giving you something to look forward to. I guarantee that this will remotivate you and make such a difference to each day so that you are grateful from the moment you wake.

And hey, if the idea of being spotted by a talent scout appeals, go get yourself some roller skates and start practicing! I’d love to hear what it is that you are going to implement to give yourself something to look forward to - hit reply on this email and tell me what it is!

Much love

CJ x

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