How do you shake it off?

Updated: Feb 17

There are times in life when we all hit the wall. Maybe you've been working too much or being called on to step up over and over as a parent or partner.

I had been looking forward to getting all the kids off to school after the long school holidays and having some time to crack into my work and get some traction with life.

Unfortunately Avie had a nasty bump to the head and ended up with stitches and a concussion. After realising she was going to be okay and just needed to rest there was that moment we all know when we realise that our week has been smashed to pieces and that we aren't going to achieve what we set out to do. Grrrrr.

As the week progressed it became clear that the concussion had affected her more than we thought and suddenly I had a choice to make as to whether I could leave her to go to a long awaited and much anticipated family wedding 6 hours drive away.

Finally I asked her if she thought it would be okay to leave her for the weekend with her dad and brothers to which she looked up with tears in her eyes and said "mum I don't want you to miss out but I really wish you didn't have to go". Argh!

So I decided not to go away. She was instantly grateful and relieved and I was instantly sad.

Sad because I was looking forward to a weekend with my extended family and sad because I wanted to see my cousin get married and to be part of that special occassion. Mostly sorry for myself as I was so looking forward to a break away from the hustle and bustle of the family and work.

After a few tears and I have to admit a lot of FOMO I decided I needed to get over myself. I had made the decision to stay. I wanted to be home with her. I'm not able to time travel and be in two places at once. Yes it was okay to be disapointed but I had gained so much more by being here with her. What I needed to be careful of was that the sadness of missing out didn't turn into resentment.

In times like these where you feel torn between doing 'the right thing" and sacrificing your own enjoyment how do you shake it off and move into the new moment?

This is where the knowledge of how to reset is worth it's weight in gold. Being able to let go of disapointment, release all the emotions that sit with that and start fresh again.

So how can you do this you might ask?

My best advice is this:

  • take yourself off to do something that makes you happy (in my case it was a splash in Mother Ocean),

  • actually say the words out loud "I let go of not being able to (insert here your thing) and what's done is done......"

  • find gratitude for what is right in front of you and know that if you are following your instincts then you are on the right path.

We are only human but we also have the power to decide how to proceed forward and this is the yogi way. To let go of the past moment, not pre-empt the future and just be content with where we are right now.

Each time we manage this it gets easier and easier.

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