What is your Why?

For everything we do there is a reason - how do you discover your "Why'?

Live your life in a way that fulfills you and others

Life is busy, we wake up, stumble out of bed, trip over the pile of washing on the floor (or maybe that's just my house!), get the jug on and start hustling to get the day going. Probably you are planning in your head what you've got on, where you need to be, all the logistical stuff that life presents for us.

How often do you stop to actually think about how you are living. Is your day to day life in keeping with the goals and dreams you set for yourself once upon a time? As we get older, we take on more responsibilities, probably most of us have got kids to focus on and our own hopes and dreams get pushed to the back burner. I know most of us have something grand we would like to accomplish, probably right now it's in the too hard basket but you can take small steps to ensure that each day you finish well, feeling like you have not just survived but thrived in your own life. Here are some ideas to help you.

  1. Take five minutes to set a goal for yourself. It can be anything at all. Maybe it's travel, maybe a career change, could be something like where you want to live, how you would like your house to look. Anything at all, don't be afraid to dream big here, there are no limits to what you can achieve in this exercise.

  2. Once you have a clear picture of how you would like your life to look you are going to break it down into different groups. For example, things you would like in this lifetime, the next 3 years, 1 year, 3 months. You get the idea. As you write these goals down you may find that what you thought you wanted isn't actually the big house but perhaps just a space in your home dedicated to something you love to do.

  3. Once you see more clearly what you want to achieve it becomes easier to start. For example one of my goals is to create a space where all the kids can be close to us as they grow up and have their own families. To live in a home that is self sufficient and sustainable with land for all the kids to have their own little houses. I want to have loads of gardens, raise chooks and have lovely big trees full of birds all around me. For now though where I live is perfect for raising the kids so instead of rushing off and moving us all to the country (and becoming a full time taxi driver) I have built a vege garden. We ensure we recycle and compost as much as we can as a family. And each time I get the desire for land I go out to my garden and potter around. I notice the bees that are coming in, I read books on how to improve my garden and it fills the part of me that longs to have my hands in the earth.

When we move authentically in the right direction life flows easily