Dream Big

How often do we think of something we would like to be or do and then a small voice in our heads whispers to us that we aren't capable, worthy or will never be able to. Interesting isn't it how we can put the kabosh on our dreams before we even have the courage to speak them out loud!

When I was a little girl we always went for holidays with my Aunties up in Auckland, and coming from Dannevirke it was always a huge excitement to hit the big smoke and go and stay in "City" houses. One of my Aunts always had a beautiful inground pool at each house they owned (which was always a big flash house in a beautiful area) and so I began to associate having a pool with being rich and successful.

Fast forward many years later and as a Mum of four running my own business I hit the wall, it felt like I was losing my drive and focus and I couldn't decide if I wanted to keep growing and working on the business or take a break. Dallas said to me that maybe I needed to think of a goal that I wanted to achieve with regards to financial reward for my hard work. Straight away out of my mouth popped "I want a pool". Pretty left field and there was definitely a confused look on Dallas's face, we live right by the beach so he couldn't understand why I'd want a pool when I had a whole ocean on my doorstep.

As the words came out I realised that this was something I had dreamed about my whole life but had always told myself that I wasn't worthy of having such a thing in my home. The story I had told myself was only rich people have pools popped into my head (another irony is I spoke to my Aunty about their pools and she laughed saying they always had a mortgage to pay for them!) I vocalised to Dallas that only rich people have pools and his reply was don't you feel like we are successful enough to have a pool? Eeek, that was a really grounding question! The next dialogue was, do the figures and if we can afford to take a loan and you can use your work money to pay for it lets do it.

Holy shit! Really! At that moment a huge shift happened within me, I could feel an old belief just slide away. So off to the bank I went, and low and behold it was achievable. So now I have my dream pool. The irony is we have a bathroom falling through the floor and the windows need replacing but that pool.... it brings me so much joy every second of the day even when I can't get into it in the middle of winter I still grin when I look at it.

What's the biggest lesson? Everything is possible if we have the right intention behind what we are wanting to achieve. Our perceptions and limits we have from stories we have told ourselves are our biggest obstacles and if you can do the work to remove these old stories you will be amazed by what you can do.

So what is a dream of yours? What is holding you back? How about you break it down into bite-sized pieces and start to live the life you truly deserve.

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