Challenge Yourself

How brave are you about trying something new? I have quite a list of things I'd like to accomplish or learn, the problem is that until now the list has stayed just that, on paper. Always I have made an excuse for myself as to why I haven't started. Usually, it's to do with a story I tell myself that I'm too busy, the kids are too young, I'm too old, I'll get hurt..... you get the gist.

Well, one thing I have always wanted to do was ride a motorbike. I've always loved going fast. My first proper boyfriend was into classic cars and we used to hit the drag strip on a Saturday and it was awesome! One of the first things I loved about Dallas was the grease on his hands from fixing motorbikes! But at the same time, I felt like my window of learning to ride a bike had probably passed.

That is until the boys got into dirt bike riding and all of a sudden our winter afternoons have been spent with the trailer loaded up and off we go to the local tracks. I had mentioned to Avie about her having a go, she wasn't that keen but as the conversation on continued one of the kids suggested I should also have a go. My first thought "oh I don' think so I'll waste myself". Since having the kids I seem to have a built-in self-preservation alarm which goes off at the slightest mention of anything I could do that might hurt me! I wonder if it's natures way of keeping the "mama" safe and well?

Anyway, yesterday the opportunity arose for me to have a go. Ava decided the time was now and off she went on her brothers' bike. She jumped off afer a few loops and said go on Mum! With a nervous heart and a fearful body I jumped onto the bike, a slow run round the car part learning how to work the gears and then off I went on the track (the kiddies track!) round I went with a grin from ear to ear and Coco running beside me screaming with delight that "mummy was doing it!" The funny thing that once I got confident I just wanted to go faster, all fear left me (although a good dose of caution stayed!) and it was so much fun.

It made me realise that often it is my mind holding me back from trying new things, perhaps a fear of failure or looking like a dick when the reality is I'm more than capable of doing everything I dream of doing. So from now on, I'll be setting myself a challenge to start to cross the list off bit by bit. Might have to warn the neighbours' cause learning the drums is on the list!

I'll leave you with this quote from Jane Austen "It isn't what we say or think that defines us but what we do." Live your best life with courage and intention.