Can yoga really make a difference?

Let me start by asking you a question "how do you feel when you wake up each morning?"

Big question aye. Lots of different variables to consider.

But lets break it down:

Physically how do you feel? Do you wake up with a sore lower back or a stiff shoulder from lying on it all night. Perhaps you haven't slept well and are feeling tired before the day has even started. Maybe you wake up feeling great and leap out of bed full of energy.

Mentally how does it go for you each morning? Do you wake up feeling refreshed and clear of mind or do you wake with a feeling of anxiety and nervousness about what the day will hold?

My hope is that you start the day like the positive scenarios from the above questions but I have a sneaky feeling it might be more the glass half empty case.

And this is where the question "what can yoga do for me" that really gives us food for thought. I have a number of favourite sayings that I like to throw out every so often and one of my top ones to use is "the proof is in the pudding'. I teach yoga because I live yoga. I've practiced the asana side of things for over 23 years and even though at certain stages of my life my practice has been sporadic it has always been a constant. Having a strong, limber body means I can move easily through my days and nights. My body is healthy and limber. Even now as I reach the pointy end of my 40's I still trust my body to do all that I ask of it without fail and I know that it will continue to do so right up into my very old age (which I think will be well into the 100's!)

Through the asana (or the movement) I've also learnt to tap into my breath which in turn settles the nervous system and helps soothe stress and anxiety. If you are able to release these negative emotions you worry less, you sleep better and in general you're a much nicer person to be around! More patient, reslient and less likely to fly off the handle.

So yes, yoga can make a massive difference and best of all it's accessible to everyone, anyone can do it!

Because I love yoga so much I want everyone to benefit from a regular practice which is why I've created the online membership. Even if you have never practiced before it's not too late to start and everyone who trys a class with me always comments how good they feel afterwards. The other beauty of the online membership is that if you are already nervous about starting there isn't the fear of stepping into a studio and feeling judged or watched. No one can see you at home (well unless you count the cat or the dog) and you'll be surprised how quickly you get good at it!

So if all of this sounds like something you want to explore further I'd love to hear from you. Jump onto the website, check out the membership or hit reply to this email.

Much love, CJ