Accepting change

So lately things have been changing in our household. Where once weekends were spent hanging out together, experiencing new places and adventures we now have 2 teenagers in the house and they just don't want to play the game (those of you with older kids will relate to this I'm sure). I've seen it coming for a while but yesterday it came to a head with me trying to round everyone up for a family lunch outing. Trying to get the big boys to commit to coming out for lunch wasn't working. They were happy "chilling". I stamped my foot, muttered under my breath, got shitty at Dallas for not stepping in and in general got pretty worked up. We did finally get down to the beach for some sushi but it was under duress so it wasn't quite the scenario I envisaged.

Later I put my shoes on and took myself off for a walk, feeling very sorry for myself that my cunning plan hadn't worked and that the family were all more happy to be doing their own individual thing than hanging out as one unit.

As I walked beside my beloved ocean I breathed, I cleared my mind and a lovely thought popped into my head. We have amazing, well adjusted, independent children who are thriving in their lives. We do spend time together in a more organic way rather than a planned, action packed way. Yes things have changed but it's not necessarily a bad thing. Perhaps this is the natural order of life, of children growing up and as a parent our roles changing. I've seen other friends go through it and now it's my turn.

Heading home I made an effort to let go of the disappointment of the afternoon and instead appreciated the time with the kids whilst they were all home. Things are changing, it's the way it goes. You can either struggle against it or just go with the flow so I'm going to relax, stop trying to control our time together and appreciate this new stage for what it is.

If you can relate to this, know you are in good company. When you miss those little bodies that seemed to be stuck like glue to you and have turned into noisy, messy, hungry teenagers - take a breath, look at them properly, see them as they are now and enjoy the moments you do have cause it will all change again one day I'm sure

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