A litle bit of my story….

You might not think it looking at me now but I know how it feels to lose confidence in your body.

After I had our fourth child I felt so weak in my body and in myself. I was tired all the time and I was definitely out of shape with carrying quite a bit of extra weight. Worse of all though I started to really feel down about myself and I hated trying to get dressed to go out! Nothing fit and I felt frumpy and “mumsey”

When you feel like that it flows into every part of your life, your self esteem can take a dive, you start to dress differently, avoid the activities you used to enjoy and in general become a shadow of yourself.

I knew I was in a bit of a slump but I was up to my ears with small children (think four kids under six) and even though I knew what I needed to do I just couldn’t see the wood for the trees.

Then one day I hit the wall, I was miserable! I took a good look at myself and I decided to make change.

I knew how good I had felt when I practiced yoga so I decided to get back to a class. As soon as I stepped onto the mat my body loved the movement, which wasn’t depleting me but building strength gradually and carefully.

My mind loved the quiet I found on the mat and best of all I started to remember who I was, not just mum, or wifey but CJ. So I got back on the mat again and again and over time I started to see a change happen.

I began eating better because I was more mindful, I started to respect my body again and I began to enjoy looking after it again. I gained back my strength and flexibility which allowed me to start back at the other physical activities I had always loved.

In short, I came back to me.

As Rachel Hunter said famously on an ad “It doesn’t happen overnight but it does happen”

Because I had walked the walk I decided to start talking the talk, and that is what led me to train as a yoga teacher. I wanted others to feel that they too had the tools and knowledge to start living well through the practice of yoga.

So if you are reading this and it is resonating with you then perhaps you need some yoga in your life too. The doors to the online membership are reopening just for one week on Sunday 22nd March. Jump into the waitlist right now to make sure you are first in line to get into the Thrive Tribe when those doors open

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