Why Moksha

I offer a range of classes and courses suitable for everyone. And when I say everyone, I mean everyone! Whether you can’t even get halfway down to touch your toes or you can fold yourself inside out there will be a practice on here for  you. All you need to be able to do is breathe and I know you can do that!

Frequently asked questions

I’ve never done Yoga, what should I expect?

Depending on what class you select you should expect to move in a physical way, suitable for your level. You will practice some nice deep breathing to clear stress and tension and you will have a laugh along the way. The best advice I can offer is that Yoga is called a practice not “I nailed it!” Each time you practice will be different from the time before depending on how you feel within your body and where your mind and emotions are at. Come to the class with no expectations other than the one that you are going to feel great afterwards. You will be breathing easier, your body will be looser and more comfortable and you’ll have a smile on your face.

What equipment do I need?

All you need to practice with me is some comfy clothes and a good attitude. A mat is always good for grip but if you don’t have one don’t stress. We practice yoga in bare feet so that you can move safely and also take maximum benefit from having your feet on the ground. When practicing online it is good to have a space that you can move freely in without fear of bumping into hard furniture if you get a wobble on. Try to practice on flooring that won’t slip under your feet and try not to land on the small children and animals that will probably crawl onto your mat!

Which class is right for me?

Each class has an indicator of what level it is suitable for. I always suggest you start with the beginner classes to get your foundations right, if you have access to the Premium plan it is a good idea to do the masterclasses to get even more detail about what to do in each pose. Like any form of exercise you need to listen to your body, if something gives you a sharp pain somewhere stop immediately and come out the pose. If you are brand new to yoga you might not have moved your body in a certain way for many years, it takes time to get used to making certain shapes and over time it will become easier. Try a variety of classes on offer. Most people find that they have a preferred style of yoga, you might enjoy a more dynamic class than a soft stretch. Or maybe meditation is your gig rather than moving fast on the mat. Please see our disclaimer for information on where to seek professional advice relating to injury or illness.

How many times should I practice a week?

It would be awesome to practice some form of yoga every single day but I do know that life can get in the way so ideally 3 times a week would be awesome. That is why I have put up a variety of classes of different time lengths so that no matter what your day looks like you can have some sort of practice. The more you get on your mat the quicker you will see the results flow into your life.


Every precaution and much care is taken by the teacher so you can practice in a safe manner, in a safe and supportive environment. You are invited to enthusiastically approach your practice. However, it is encouraged that you take care when determining your own ability to do the exercises offered in the class and do not aggravate existing injuries. Please be aware that you are ultimately responsible for your own personal health and safety and any injuries or illness incurred during class are not the fault of the teacher. If you have any doubt whether any of the classes at Moksha Yoga are suitable for you or if you have any particular injury or condition please consult your physician before beginning your practice. Always inform the teacher either in person or online of any injury, medical conditions, if you are pregnant or had any recent surgeries.