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Online yoga classes include...

Something for the blokes

Classes tailored especially for men. Down to earth, fun classes that are specifically designed to work into the areas of the body that men often struggle to release with other forms of exercise or stretching.  If you want to do Yoga without the "woo woo" these are the classes for you. Safe, informative and you will work into all those problem spots, you'll feel so much better in your body even after one class. Suitable for all levels including absolute beginners.

Slow Flow for all

These slower flow practices will allow you to move in time with your breath while creating heat and strength in a way that is gradual and beneficial for the nervous system. You’ll get stronger and more flexible whilst growing your connection to your breath and mind.

Bedtime yoga

These yoga sequences are designed to prepare you for a good night's sleep creating space in the body as we cue the mind that it’s time to calm down and let go of the day. A relaxing routine for the mind and body to set you up for a good night’s sleep.

Yoga quick fix for busy people

Yeah I know, who’s got time to lie round stretching for an hour? Here’s your solution - a quick practice that will move your whole body leaving you feeling strong, supple and ready for anything!

Breathing 101

Learn to develop breathing techniques for stress relief, anxiety relief, over all balance and wellbeing.   When we breathe well we are well. Suitable for all levels.

Rise and Shine Meditation

Start the day on the right foot with meditation to wake you up not only physically but mentally as well leaving you ready and open for all the goodness the day has to offer.

Yoga for runners

 Short sequences for runners and athletes to support you in both mind and body for a healthy & sustainable running or jogging routine.  Moving through the stretches you need to lengthen back out those powerful running muscles. These classes will free up your back and hips so that you can get up each morning feeling supple and ready to run!  A good short class for those of you who are time poor but know you need to stretch.

Gentle yoga to wind down

The perfect classes to unwind your stressed and tired mind and body. Often the body can display symptoms of a big day or stress, use this class to let go and relax.

Foundations Master classes

These short classes are designed to break down each of the core poses of a Yoga class so you can work on one at a time. In each of these classes I will focus on great alignment, with tips on how to get your body into a safe shape in a way that is easy and fun. 


Beautiful juicy slow classes with floor based postures to help you relax and soften your body and mind. We use breath techniques to settle our nervous system which in turn flows on to our physical selves. Stretch it all out and reap the rewards.

Engergise yourself

These invigorating  practices will strengthen and tone while bringing balance to both mind and body.  Great yoga sequences for those looking to grow and deepen their practice. Get a strong but mindful workout as we move in time with our breath.  Intermediate to Advanced yogis.

Get up and go morning yoga

Sometimes it’s hard for us to move our bodies in the mornings as soon as we get up. These classes will open up the body, releasing tension and aches so that you can start your day feeling limber and ready!

Let’s hit that core!

You know you need to, so here we go! Short core strength practice that will strengthen up your belly, give you back some much needed support and leave you feeling energised and invigorated!

Yoga for Surfers

Use these classes to work on finding your centre of balance, light up the core, ease pain and find strength.

Loosen those hips and your back will follow

Ooo those tight hips, I know them well. Join me for a nice floor based practice to help you loosen up around the hips and lower back creating more movement and freeing you from daily stiffness and pain.

Why should I meditate

Taking time to sit quietly and breathe is crucial to all-round good health.  My meditations are all easy to do, you don't need to sit for hours clearing your mind. It's all about finding space within yourself to breathe, set your intentions and recognise what is going on within you.

New Meditations are added each week, topics include 


  • Meditation for manifestation

  • Meditation for gratitude

  • Meditation to Release stress

  • Meditation for Self love

  • Meditation for Healing

  • Meditation for letting go

  • Meditation for anxiety

  • Meditation to help balance chakras

  • Yoga Nidra - Led Relaxation

  • Body Scan Relaxation

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