Bali Retreat in Bali, Indonesia



Time & Location

27th May to 2nd June 2023


16 September to 22nd September 2023

Nusa Lembongan, Bali, Indonesia


About the Event


The Restore and Reset Moksha Retreats, hosted at beautiful venues in Bali, specifically designed to realign and re-calibrate you. You are offered space for reflection, contemplation and the opportunity to reprioritise and rest your body and your mind.


Each day you will experience transformative yoga and meditation designed to release stress, revitalise and recalibrate your mind and body. There will be workshops not only to hone your yoga practice but to assist you in clarifying your vision for yourself and your life, as well as joining informal group chats where you’ll be given the tools to keep you feeling calm, fresh and balanced when you return home.  


This is not just a holiday where you lose your good vibe as soon as you arrive home. Space will be held for you to achieve a different perspective on life, with plenty of opportunities for you to tap into your intuition and release that which doesn't serve you any longer.


This retreat is for you to rest and relax and there is plenty of down time to be spent doing whatever your heart desires, resting, reading, lying by the pool, swimming, experiencing local adventures or attractions or perhaps treating yourself to a luxury massage or facial. Because there is so much value in connecting to nature, lifting our  spirits and helping us feel grounded, our Retreat venue is a stones throw from the ocean with spectacular views of the worldclass surf breaks.

You will make new friends and enjoy uplifting conversations, still leaving plenty of time for self-reflection.  I would encourage you to use this week to not only restore and reset your mind and soul but also to allow your body to absorb beautiful fresh food, have plenty of rest and limit your alcohol intake (or even abstain) so that you leave the Retreat fully rested and in the best of health.

 You are welcome to bring a friend (or two) or if you are on your own and sharing a room you will be paired up with someone like minded to ensure you have the best experience possible.


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