The word Moksha means “to liberate” and that is why I chose it as the name for my business. Empowering you to be the best version of yourself is what it's all about.

to get more comfortable in their bodies and in their lives, liberating them from old stories and ideas.

I believe a healthy, mobile body is the gateway to thriving in this life. My yoga classes are designed for everyday people, people just like you and just like me. You don’t need to be super bendy or to have all the latest gear. I offer a range of classes all designed for different outcomes. Functional movement is incorporated into each class, you won’t need to twist yourself inside out (if you don’t want to) but you will get stronger and more limber the more you practice.


Moksha was created by me as a space for everyone and anyone to practice yoga and meditation, I had a vision of bringing yoga to the everyday person, to those people who wouldn’t normally give it a go. What drew me to yoga was realising that the Asana (or poses) are a style of movement that makes me feel strong and flexible in my body whilst providing me the space to be in my own thoughts. 

I help everyday people

find yourself

Yoga isn’t about becoming someone completely different, yes you might find that you become more mindful of how you live but the end goal is to put the polish on who you are as a person, shining up the bright areas and helping to remove anything that is negative or not serving you. 

I’ve created a community of people who are on a journey to discover ways to not just live but thrive. Moksha Yogi’s are real, down to earth and relatable. It’s real yoga for real people. We enjoy a well balanced life and our yoga reflects that. 


With 22 years of practicing yoga and becoming a qualified Yoga Teacher I have the experience and skills to help you become stronger and more flexible in your body and calmer and clearer in your mind. My style of teaching and the techniques I use are practical and achievable, classes are designed to help you move through your day to day life with ease and strength.

You already know the answers to what you need to thrive, I just help you to listen.


Is your body working at it’s best? Maybe you are even feeling like the best has passed and now this is it? I can help you feel more comfortable in yourself, by practicing regularly with me you will start to move easier in your day to day life, your aches and pains will become less but most importantly you will regain a sense of who you are as a person.

Hi, I'm CJ

I’m the founder and owner of Moksha Papamoa Beach. Having practiced yoga for over 20 years I began teaching in 2015 and opened my boutique studio at that time

My goal is to help people to be the best version of themselves and I am here to guide you to do the same for yourself. It’s not rocket science when it comes to living your best life, we all have the tools right within us but sometimes the pressures of life mean that we lose the ability to see and think clearly and we don’t live the way we would like to. 

I guide clients using yoga, meditation and coaching to encourage release of stress, better connection with themselves and others and in general encourage them to enjoy their lives more by being present and happy.  I provide classes for all levels and you don’t need to be bendy to begin! 

As a busy mum of four, a wife and a business owner I genuinely understand that feeling of being stressed and overwhelmed and how those feelings can flow into your personal life affecting your health, your relationships with those you love and your outlook on life. Drawing on my own experiences I use yoga as a tool to make change in a way that you have never experienced before.

Try a Moksha class with CJ FREE today from the comfort of your own home

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