The word Moksha means “to liberate” and that is why I chose it as the name for my business. Empowering you to be the best version of yourself is what it's all about.

I help everyday people to get more comfortable in their bodies and in their lives, liberating them from old stories and ideas.


I believe a healthy, mobile body is the gateway to thriving in this life. Our online membership, the Thrive Tribe, is for everyday people, people just like you and just like me. You don’t need to be super bendy or to have all the latest gear. There are a wide range of class options to suit all levels. Functional movement is incorporated into each class, you won’t need to twist yourself inside out (if you don’t want to) but you will get stronger and more limber the more you practice.

The Thrive Tribe is a place where everyone and anyone can practice yoga and meditation, my mission is to bring yoga to the everyday person, to those people who wouldn’t normally give it a go.

What drew me to yoga was realising that the Asana (or poses) are a style of movement that makes me feel strong and flexible in my body whilst providing me the space to be in my own thoughts.

If you want to get stronger, to learn to love the body you are in again and to experience all that life has to offer with a happy and open heart and mind then you are a perfect fit for the Thrive Tribe!




Yoga isn’t about becoming someone completely different, yes you might find that you become more mindful of how you live but the end goal is to put the polish on who you are as a person, shining up the bright areas and helping to remove anything that is negative or not serving you. 


In our online membership 'the Thrive Tribe" you will find like-minded souls who are on a journey to discover ways to not just live but thrive. We are real, down to earth and relatable. It’s real yoga for real people. We enjoy a well balanced life and our yoga reflects that. 


With 22 years of practicing yoga and becoming a qualified Yoga Teacher I have the experience and skills to help you become stronger and more flexible in your body and calmer and clearer in your mind. My style of teaching and the techniques I use are practical and achievable, classes are designed to help you move through your day to day life with ease and strength.

You already know the answers to what you need to thrive, I just help you to listen.


Is your body working at it’s best? Maybe you are even feeling like the best has passed and now this is it? I can help you feel more comfortable in yourself, by practicing regularly with me you will start to move easier in your day to day life, your aches and pains will become less but most importantly you will regain a sense of who you are as a person.

Hi, I'm CJ


I'm a kiwi, a mum of four awesome kids, a wife, a surfer, lover of hot chips and chocolate and I am the founder of the Thrive Tribe Online Membership and Moksha NZ Retreats.


After the birth of our 4th child I felt like I had lost myself totally. I was up to my ears in little kids, constantly running on empty.

I had lost all sight of who I was. I was out of shape, tired and run-down and I couldn't even recognise myself when I looked in the mirror.

​I couldn’t see how I’d ever regain my strong, fit body or even my good temper! All I wanted to be was me, not someone’s mum or wife.

​But I didn’t even know who I was anymore to be able to find me! So I set out on a yoga journey back to me.

​I started to see that life was good and not just a series of challenges there to break me. My yoga practice got me moving my body in a way that made me feel stronger and more limber. It became a form of exercise that I really looked forward to rather than like it was another thing to tick off. And now I want to share my my love of yoga with you - to help you come back to yourself.

​What I offer with The Thrive Tribe online membership and Retreats is a chance for you to slow down, to take a moment for yourself and to really start to enjoy your life rather than watching it rush by!

​It's time to come back to you.


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